Who We Are

Indigenous developer and manufacturer
of State-of-the-art autonomous aerial platforms.

ZAS is a cutting-edge technology company synergizing research and development with seamless product innovation and implementation of advance unmanned airborne systems.

With thrust on indigenous design,innovative solutions along with domestic manufacturing, we are pioneers in the areas of aerodynamics, flight controls, electronics, drone software, communication systems and advanced composite manufacturing techniques in the private drone manufacturing industry in India.

We are also proud of being one of the first winners of the prestigious IDEX (The Innovation for Defence Excellence), Defence India Startup Challenge.

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ZAS boasts of a sophisticated infrastructure
concept to propel innovation.

Our facility comprises of R&D, collaborative workspaces for software development and hardware integration for manufacturing high-performance unmanned aerial systems. The dynamic environment seamlessly blends efficiency and creativity, powering technological breakthroughs that elevate our products to unprecedented heights.

Manufacturing Space

Integration and Assembly

ZAS Corporate Headquarters situated on Airport Road, Yelahanka also doubles up as an integration unit linked to design, R&D, 3D printing, system software development and final assembly of multi-role, instantly deployable tactical, intelligence systems.

The Manufacturing Headquarters, located in, Veerasagara, Yelahanka houses an extensive network of high technology units related to composites, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design, main assembly, on ground flight testing and other allied functionalities.

Working from a state-of-the-art corporate office and manufacturing facilityspread across 25,000 sqft, ZAS, today has proudly progressed to a 130 plus strong team. A strong team forged by an eclectic mix of varied skillsets reinforced by aeronautical and design engineers, software developers, electronics and electrical engineers, data managers and more.

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Research & Development

Innovation and Improvisation

At ZAS, innovation and improvisation are integral to the R&D ecosystem. The in-house software development team and systems testing team are always in sync, constantly sharing feedback to drive improvisation. This handshake between real-time testing and feedback ensures that the product performance is optimised to meet customisation mandates.

With an aim to nurture a new breed of innovators, we foster young minds with an inclination towards latest technology by setting up incubation at an academic level.

Design & Composites
& Composites
Electronics &
Guidance Systems
Software & AI
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Extensively effective in tactical
and strategic applications

Equipped with the latest in airborne intelligence, the ZAS autonomous UAVs are crafted for the entire spectrum of applications: Aerial reconnaissance / surveillance, geographical mapping and disaster management included. Activating the power of automation, the ZAS drones are designed to accurately deliver highly complex tasks for optimal operational efficiency requirements of the end-user/customer.

  • dissaster-management

    Disaster Management

  • industrial

    Geographical Mapping

  • survelience


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