Communication Systems

Our domain expertise shines through our unmatched ability to integrate avionics with communication systems to meet specific navigational needs. We excel in developing and deploying robust, secure multi-range communication systems, empowering our unmanned aerial systems to achieve mission objectives by leveraging critical data and video links.

ZAS's core competency lies in seamlessly integrating subsystems to deliver clear, uninterrupted communication, even in challenging environments or high-pressure scenarios. We leverage various communication technologies, while implementing advanced encryption and security protocols to safeguard our systems against unauthorized access.

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Long & Short Range Communication

Our UAVs excel at navigating diverse terrains, but maintaining uninterrupted communication can be challenging due to changing environments, magnetic fields, and unpredictable radio frequency traffic. Reliable and secure communication is crucial for real-time applications.

Our research focuses on mesh networking, a key technology in swarming, which enhances communication and coordination. Mesh networks form a decentralized communication backbone, making autonomous UAV systems more robust and resilient. This technology is vital for remote situational awareness in military operations, allowing the transmission of tactical information even in challenging environments. It enables real-time information exchange for synchronized actions, crucial for tasks like search and rescue.

Both swarming and mesh networking technologies are scalable, allowing for dynamic fleet adjustments. They provide redundant communication paths to ensure continuity and extend communication range. Additionally, they adapt dynamically to changing environments and mission objectives, maintaining optimal performance and enabling real-time collective behavioural adjustments.

Ground Control Systems

Ground Control Systems is a critical component for all aerial systems, responsible for maintaining a robust communication link with the drone, ensuring reliable command and control, reception of telemetry and visual data even in challenging scenarios or environments.

The compact GCS come with user-friendly control interface that facilitate pivotal roles like, mission planning, autonomous navigation, real-time monitoring via video feed and telemetry data all controlled from a rugged handheld device.

Our embedded system software is customised based on specific mission requirements and operational needs of our customer.

Rapid technological advancements and evolving mission requirements often necessitate quick updates and modifications. Our in-house team responds promptly to these changes, ensuring the GCS remains at the forefront of technological capabilities by having total control over maintenance, updates and upgrades.

This flexibility ensures seamless integration for interoperability. Provide enhanced control over security features like encryption, authentication and authorisation protocol requirements of the end user.

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