Electronics &
Guidance Systems

ZAS has evolved as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), integrating the entire gamut of electronic hardware. This PCB level manufacturing capability incorporates the making of the autopilot, video processing card, gimbal control boards and multi-subsystem hardware. Linked to this process is the integration of advanced sensors, navigation systems and communication modules into the drones. The modules are critical to enable autonomous flight, accurate positioning and real-time data transmission. The integrated systems boost the drone functionality, amplifying performance, accuracy and efficiency of complex tasks.

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At ZAS, our commitment to research and development underscores our technical prowess and innovation in creating proprietary control systems. One such critical component is our Auto Pilot System, born from relentless R&D efforts.

Our indigenously developed Auto Pilot System meticulously fine-tunes essential performance parameters: control algorithms, sensor integration, and response times. This precision allows us to embed mission-specific features, showcasing operational versatility.

Whether it's adaptive flight paths over complex terrains, real-time target tracking, or dynamic obstacle avoidance, we adapt to unique operational requirements.

Autonomy is the lifeblood of surveillance drones. Our autopilot system enables UAVs to operate independently, following predefined flight paths without constant manual intervention. This autonomy streamlines surveillance missions, ensuring precise navigation and adherence to flight plans—even in challenging environments—without relying on external systems.

Safety remains paramount in drone operations. Our advanced safety features shield the aerial system from potential accidents or hazards. Collision avoidance algorithms, terrain awareness and fail-safe mechanisms activate during emergencies, such as returning to base or landing safely. This reliability ensures consistent performance, minimizing the risk of accidents or system failures during critical missions.

Flight Control

The Flight Control System (FCS) is more than mere lines of code; it's the heartbeat of our drones.

Our FCS embodies our expertise, serving as a proprietary asset that sets us apart from the competition.

Here's why: Developing an in-house FCS allows tailoring it to our specific drone models. We optimize control algorithms, sensor fusion, and feedback loops. Unlike off-the-shelf solutions, our precision isn't compromised by third-party vulnerabilities. By owning our flight control systems, we remain resilient against potential exploits, even if external support wanes.

Our FCS seamlessly adapts to diverse missions—whether it's surveillance, delivery, or scientific research. We can tweak parameters, integrate new sensors, and fine-tune behaviour as needed.

A bespoke FCS leverages our drone's distinct capabilities. Whether executing aggressive manoeuvres, autonomous navigation, or obstacle avoidance, we transcend the constraints of generic software.

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Electronic Design

  • Robust Communication Systems for Unwavering Performance.
  • At ZAS, we specialize in creating communication systems that set new standards. Our core strength lies in customizing and seamlessly integrating subsystems to ensure stable communication.
  • Our systems allow fine-tuning of communication parameters to meet specific operational requirements. Whether it's critical telemetry data or live video transmission from on-board cameras, we ensure uninterrupted communication. This aids surveillance, reconnaissance, and real-time situational awareness.
  • By tweaking communication protocols, our systems seamlessly switch between urban, rural, or remote environments. For example, we adjust transmission power to combat urban clutter or optimize for long-range coverage over open terrain. Flexibility is essential for diverse mission scenarios.
  • Implementing the latest encryption methods is non-negotiable. Our tailored security protocols safeguard sensitive data during transmission, preventing unauthorized access and ensuring data integrity throughout each mission.
  • In summary, our robust communication systems empower drones to operate efficiently, gather crucial data, enhance security, and deliver payloads with precision

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