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ZAS offers, unique and enriching experience that can significantly contribute to the professional development of young graduates in various disciplines.

Interning here not only provides fresh tech graduates with industry-specific skills but also opens the door to promising career opportunities. Exposure to cutting-edge technologies like Aerospace Technologies , Artificial Intelligence (AI), and autonomous systems allows interns to develop specialized expertise, directly applying academic knowledge to real-world challenges in the field.

Engaging in projects within multidisciplinary teams fosters collaboration across various engineering disciplines, offering interns a comprehensive understanding of autonomous drone manufacturing. The dynamic nature of the industry cultivates adaptability and agility, essential traits for success in the fast-paced technological landscape.

Networking opportunities within the company and at industry events create valuable connections, potentially leading to future career prospects.

The unique advantages gained from these internships position them as competitive candidates , well-prepared for the dynamic and innovative world of futuristic autonomous drone technology. Successful internships often serves as a pathway to fulfilling career opportunities within the company, ensuring a seamless transition from academia to a thriving and impactful profession in this leading industry.

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Advantages of Doing an Internship at ZAS

At ZAS, we recognise and highly value smart, promising and well-performing interns. When we identify an intern who consistently demonstrates exceptional skills, a strong work ethic and a passion for contributing to our innovative projects, we consider absorption into our company. We prioritize internal talent and view the internship period as an extended interview process.

The transition from intern to a permanent role involves a comprehensive evaluation of the intern's technical proficiency, adaptability, collaboration skills and overall commitment to our organization's values. Those who exhibit outstanding performance and align with our company culture are offered opportunities for continued growth within the organization, ensuring that we retain top talent and foster a culture of excellence.

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